Higher Education Debate #HEdb8

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Over the past few months, I have taken part in a number of educational debates on Twitter. These have been great. I have met some very good teachers, who are, most importantly, open to share ideas and discuss. Following discussions both during and after these debates, I have had my mind opened to a degree I didn’t know was possible. It’s been amazing.

However, there have been two things that have not been optimal:

  • Most of the discussions are focused around education of younger learners i.e. 16 years and below. Although I have met some great teachers who have been great to bounce ideas off with, the reduced similarities in our teaching environment has me wanting some more.
  • All of the discussions are located in the US. As such, they take place at 1am UK time.

I am really wanting to kick-start a regular Twitter debate based around topics on teaching and learning in Higher Education in the UK (this is only for timing logistics; anyone can join in). Each debate will have a separate topic/question to focus on, which will be voted for in the preceding week. People will be able to join in on the debate using the #HEdb8 hashtag. All posts will have this tag allowing easy tracking. Following the discussion, we will be able to collate all posts and have these up online for all to recap.

I will use the #HEdb8 for releases, so do follow it on Twitter, or myself (@UKSportSci). If it continues, I’ll set up a separate site for all things #HEdb8.

Before we kick-start, I’d like to find out what days/times are more preferable to those wanting to take part. The aim is for these to last 60 minutes, and take place every week or fortnight (TBD). As such, if you could complete the below options and we will take it from there. If you have any suggestions for the first topic, then please leave it in the comments box below.

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