Behind the Scenes

Why have I started this?

Reflection and thinking are good. Well I believe it is, and that’s what I hope to get out of this site. A place for me to reflect on my work, my teachings, and the work and teachings of others.

Please do interact, tell me I’m talking a load of rubbish, contact me with questions and ideas and insults (?!?!?).

Who am I?

My name is Stuart Miller and I am currently a senior lecturer in biomechanics within the London Sport Institute at Middlesex University, London. Having been working within the LSI since 2007, I am the programme leader for MSc in Sport and Exercise Science, in addition to taking an active role in developing the research within the department for both staff and students.

Whilst focusing on biomechanics, my main interest area centres on how the muscle and tendon work efficiently and optimally within the human body; this area allows me to understand, and subsequently improve, a wide range of sporting movements. Combined, this helps put the athlete in their best position, be it through optimal training or improving performance directly within competition.

Current projects I am involved in include:

  • Modelling the force output of the muscle
  • Understanding the Olympic Lifts – what really is optimal technique
  • Kinetics and kinematics of the strikes used in martial arts
  • Optimal throwing mechanics in the javelin
  • Footwear and how it alters movement in a range of sports i.e. lifting and running
  • Running economy – the evolutionary and performance perspective
  • Optimal training modalities for developing power
  • Understanding how the muscle and tendon work in human movement

Outside of academia, I am an American Football coach, having won three British Championships, and one European Championships with the London Blitz American Football Club, in addition to coaching the wide receivers for the Great Britain team.

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