Flipped Learning in Higher Education

Flipped learning is an approach to setting up the learning environment that has gained much support within the pre-university schooling system.

Brian Bennett from Techsmith (he used to teach and was a massive promoter of the flipped learning approach) invited me to take part in an online webinar to discuss how I’ve been taking philosophies from flipped learning and implementing them into higher education, and the challenges that I have faced in doing so.

I’ve skipped the first 15 minutes in the link below, but if you want to know more about some of  the software that Techsmith produce to support you in the classroom, then do go back to the start. They are a company that are very supportive of improving the learning environment, so do interact with them.

I think it’s important to note that I am not a part of the company, and at the moment do not use any of their products in my classes.

Demystifying Flipped Learning

Have you used flipped learning in higher education? How have you found it?


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